Parent Involvement Policy

Mission: The mission of Carver Elementary School in the 21st Century is to prepare a culturally diverse student population to be responsible, successful learners and career and college ready. We will accomplish this by maintaining and encouraging parent involvement, providing a professional staff, a meaningful and challenging curriculum, high expectations and a safe, orderly environment.

School-Parent Compact for Student Achievement: Our students, parents and staff sign a Student –Parent Accountability Agreement Compact accepting and agreeing to the importance of all our efforts to ensure student success. We also strongly encourage student responsibility and accountability. We all share the responsibility for improving student achievement. We form a partnership to help our children achieve the state and federal government’s high standards.

Parents will support their children’s learning by. . .

  • Getting their child to school on time and avoiding unnecessary absences;

  • Providing a time and place each evening for quiet study or reading at home;

  • Assisting their child as needed with homework;

  • Talking with their child about his/her school work and activities every day;

  • Monitoring their child’s TV viewing and extracurricular time/activities and non-educational

computer activities;

  • Finding out how their child is progressing through the School Messenger system, calling the school, attending conferences and PTSO;

  • Participating, as appropriate, in decisions regarding the education of their child (conferences, PEP/IEP meetings, Family Support Team meetings, PTSO meetings;

  • Reinforcing the Student Code of Conduct, and supporting school’s efforts to maintain proper discipline;

  • Volunteering in their child’s classroom, and/or participating in class/school activities;

  • Participating in opportunities provided to serve on various school-wide committees, i.e. (Advisory Council, PTSO, AdvancEd, etc.).

Teachers and staff will communicate with parents on an ongoing basis through. . . .

  • Title I Annual Meeting held at the first PTSO meeting for the start of the new school year to inform parents of the right to be involved; inform parents of school participation; rights of parents, discuss Title I budget and introduce the Title I Parent Representatives to the Wayne County Public Schools Title I Parent Advisory Council;

  • Involve parents in planning, reviewing and improving programs through parent representation on the PTSO Board, Advisory Council, AdvancEd committees; School Improvement Team, Media Advisory committee, Title I and parent surveys. Grade level curriculum nights are held at the beginning of the school year to inform parents of the Common Core and Essential Standards, grade level curriculum, student and parent expectations and to discuss the new state flexibility model along with information on the state’s proficient level of achievement as determined by Annual Measurable Objectives on the state’s academic assessments;

  • Provide parents in a timely manner information that is understandable about programs, curriculum, academic assessment and levels of proficiency;

  • Provide parents feedback on parent comments on the School Improvement Plan if it is not deemed satisfactory through parent representation on school committees and through the Title I Parent Representatives. Comments are reviewed and addressed by the School Improvement Team and forwarded to the district office;

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences;

  • Frequent reports to parents on their child’s progress and sharing assessments and data.

Carver Elementary

Page 2 Parent Involvement Policy

Teachers and the school will communicate with parents on an ongoing basis through. . .

  • Training and workshops to help parents work with their children and improve each student’s achievement; refer parents to literacy education through community resources to enhance their shills to better assist their student; and provide translators during workshops;

  • The Home Base Parent Tools system on-line will provide parents access to student attendance, assignments, grades and other pertinent information;

  • A newsletter (Tiger Tribune) and web site ( to build ties between home and school; to inform parents of special events, accomplishments, important messages (Tiger Alert); and through the communication information system (School Messenger);

  • Information related to school, parent meetings, programs and surveys, to the extent possible, will be sent home in the language used in the home;

  • Meetings scheduled at a variety of times to maximize the opportunities for parents to participate in school activities;

  • Provide opportunities for parents and their student to participate in the Take Home Computer Program;

  • A Parent Resource Center located in the Media Center provides take-home materials for check-out;

  • Encouragement of the participation of community-based organizations and business partners in school activities.

Parents Are a Child’s First Teacher

Carver Elementary recognizes the parent as a child’s first teacher. The Carver school family welcomes parents in joining the home/school team in working together to ensure the success of children. Carver Elementary along with a strong home-school connection will provide opportunities for parents to take the lead in supporting their child’s learning. Parents, teachers and staff join together in striving to provide a quality learning environment where our students are “Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow”.

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Lori D. Goodman Title I Parent Advisory Council Representative


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