North Carolina Children's Book Award
*****  Congratulations to our winner for 2017 ~~ 
I Yam a Donkey! by Cece Bell!!!! ***** 
We had a great time learning about research, copyright, NC WiseOwl, and internet safety using these books!

And the nominees for 2017-2018 are......

Image result for quit calling me a monster    Quit Calling Me a Monster! ~~ by Jory John

Image result for water is water      Water is Water ~~ by Miranda Paul

Image result for thunder boy jr Thunder Boy Jr. ~~ by Sherman Alexie

Image result for maybe something beautiful   Maybe Something Beautiful ~~ by F. Isabel Campoy

Image result for lion lessons  Lion Lessons ~~ by Jon Agee

Image result for the toad elise gravel  The Toad: Greetings! ~~ by Elise Gravel

Image result for ada twist scientist   Ada Twist, Scientist ~~ by Andrea Beaty

Image result for little red and the very hungry lion  Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion ~~by Alex T. Smith

Image result for the bear and the piano  The Bear and the Piano ~~ by David Litchfield

Image result for giant squid candace fleming  Giant Squid ~~ by Candace Fleming