Policies and Procedures

The goal of Carver Elementary's
Media Center is to provide flexible access to library resources and instruction 

We have a full time Media Coordinator and Media Assistant. 
This allows us to implement a fully flexible schedule with all-day check-out. 
Students may come to the library for check-out once a day if needed. 

Students should have their library cards at time of check-out.
Students may check out two (2) books at a time (at their teacher's discretion), and keep them for two (2) weeks. 

If a book becomes overdue, the student must return it before checking out any other books.
If a student loses or damages a book beyond repair, he/she is responsible for paying the replacement cost of the book.

Students should not share their library books with friends or classmates.  Turn the book in first; then allow the friend to check it out.
Be kind to your books. Keep them in a dry, safe, clean place.

When Ms. Jones is present, lessons and checkout will run simultaneously. If Ms. Jones is unavailable, checkout will be available when the lesson has ended or when Ms. Jones returns to the library.  Students may leave their book/s on the counter with their library card tucked inside, and Mrs. Best or Ms. Jones will deliver the books to them when they have been checked out. 

Small groups of students (2 or 3 per homeroom MAX)  may be sent independently to check out books, provided they are not disruptive to a lesson.  Media Staff reserves the right to send disruptive students back to their class without having checked out.  A call will be made to the teacher with an explanation. 

If there are no classes in progress, teachers may bring their whole class in for checkout.  During a whole class checkout session, no more than half of the class may be actively looking for books. Teachers must monitor students to keep noise and disruptions to a minimum and to assist students in locating/checking out books.


Library Use for Special Events

We want our Media Center to be used for a variety of learning and recreational activities! If you need to use the library for a special event, please see Mrs. Best or Ms. Jones in order to avoid schedule conflicts.

If you need any type of presentation equipment, please let us know prior to the scheduled presentation.  This will allow adequate time to ensure that equipment is functioning properly.