Homework Information


*First Grade homework should take no longer than 15-20 minutes each night!*

Homework is a crucial part of a child's academic success. The work we send home to be completed is an expansion on what we have been covering in class, therefore it should be a review of skills already taught. Mrs. Barnett and I make a point to explain homework that may be the slightest be confusing. However, make sure you check their folders EVERY night in order to give them more of an explanation of the expectations. I must stress that it is NOT work for YOU or OLDER CHILDREN TO COMPLETE! If your child needs instruction or guidance, please assist them, however, the following is a list of "Homework Don'ts"!
  • Write something for them to copy.
  • Allow your older children to complete something.
  • Complete the work yourself.
  • Ignore the necessary assignment.
  • Allow your child to complete the assignment with pen.
  • Only do part of the assignment
Obviously, there are circumstances that may prevent your child from completing some assignments. Please let us know of any of these types of situations!