Welcoming Letter

August 25, 2014


Hello, First Grade Family and Friends!

             My name is Lori Biggins and I will be your child’s first grade teacher this year.  Verlisa Barnett will be your child’s Instructional Assistant.  Mrs. Barnett plays an important part in your child’s education, just as I do.  We are SO glad to be your child’s first grade teachers!

            Open communication between parents and teachers regarding your child’s progress is most important.  A variety of methods are used including email, phone calls, conferences, and report cards, just to name a few.  In addition to these, a TIGER folder is sent home daily containing a lot of information to help your child and you, but most importantly.....THEIR HOMEWORK....  Please review your child’s work and return the folder to school each day with their behavior sheet SIGNED.   It is also very beneficial that you and your child read each night to ensure that he/she will become a fluent reader and to be successful in first grade.  

            We anticipate a very busy and enriching year with your child.  While all subjects and skills will be taught, your can expect an increased emphasis on reading, writing, and math during first grade.  Science and Social Studies will often be integrated with other subjects.  You will be amazed at the progress you see throughout the school year.  We have high expectations for ALL of our students, and we hope that you will encourage your student at home be participating in all take home activities (i.e., homework, family activities, projects, etc).  We highly encourage parental involvement, as it enhances your student’s educational experience and keeps your well-informed to the goings-on in our classroom.  I hope that each one of you will have the opportunity to visit our classroom throughout this school year, so that you can see your child in actions! 

            The following are a list of Classroom Expectations for your child to follow:

·         Be in your assigned seat, ready to work when the tardy bell rings (This means that if your child will be eating breakfast at school and they are a car rider, they should be here in time to eat and be in their seat when the bell rings.)

·         Have paper, pencils, books, and all needed supplies EVERYDAY.

·         Keep hands, feet, books, and other objects to yourself.

·         No ugly words spoken, rude gestures, teasing, or put down.

·         Follow directions of EVERY school personal.


If you have hand any questions of concerns at any time, please feel free to contact me either be calling the school (919)658-7330 ext. 1832, by email loribiggins@wcps.org, or my writing a note and putting it in your child’s homework folder.



 Mrs. Biggins

 Mrs. Barnett