Spelling Tips

Fun Ways to Practice Your Spelling Words

ABC order - Write your words in alphabetical order.
Rainbow Words - Write your words in three colors.
Backwards Words - Write your words forward then backwards.
Silly sentences - Use all your words in sentences.
Picture Words - Draw a picture and write you words   in the picture.
Words without vowels - Write your words and replace all the vowels with a line.
Story words - Use your words to write a story.
Wordsearch - Make a wordseach with your words.
Surround words - Write your words on graph paper and outline in color.
Ransom words - Write your words by cutting out letters in a newspaper or magazine and glue them on a paper.
Play Dough - Make your words with play dough.
Cheerleader - Cheer your spelling words.
Magazine words - Find your words in a magazine and cut them out.
Sound words - Use a tape recorder and record your words and their spellings. Then listen to your tape, checking to see that you spelled all the words correctly.
Silly String - With a long length of string, "write" words in cursive, using the string to shape the letter.
Etch-A-Word - Use an Etch-A-Stketch to write your words.
Practice, Practice, Practice, and you will learn your words!