Reading Headquarters

" With Reading as our Super Power,
We're Gonna learn more and go Higher!"
Name: Robin L. Casey, NBCT
Email Address:
Phone number: 919-658-7330 (Ext 1864)
What to expect from Mrs Casey???? Lots of hard work and lots of fun!! I believe wholeheartily that making connections is the key to successful learning. Each week we will set learning goals in order to master the skills taught in class. Parents, I will need your help and support as we set goals. You are the bridge that helps make all this possible.For your convenience, homework will be posted on my website on a weekly basis.I look forward to a wonderful year with your child

Classroom Expectations: How to WONDER:

W e are family!!!
O ffer kind words
N ever give up!  (I believe in YOU)
D irections and procedures should be followed
E xpect to learn something new EVERYDAY
R espect everyone and everything
Quote I live by: Williston Industrial HS Class of 1932 Class Motto:"We learn not for school, but for life."
 Class Schedule 
7:45-­8:30 Homeroom/Morning Work
8:30­-10:00 Block 1 (Homeroom: ELA )
10:00­-11:30 Block 2 (ELA with Powell's class, Homeroom goes to Math)
11:30­-11:40 Return to Homeroom ( Prepare for Lunch)
11:40­-12:10. Lunch
12:10­- 12:15. Bathroom Break
12:15­-12:30. Teacher Read Aloud
12:30­-1:15. Science/Social Studies
1:15­-1:45. Recess
1:45­-2:10 Pack up and SSR ( Silent Superhero Reading)
2:15- 3:05 Specials
      M: PE
      T: Art
      W: Music
      TH: Computer/Guidance
      F: PE
3:10-3:30  Enrichment/ Classwork
3:30.   Until   Prepare for Dismissal