WONDERful World of Reading
Welcome to the WONDERful World of Reading

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One of my main goals this year is to help students enjoy reading. There are several skills and strategies that we will use this year to reach this goal:
Good Readers make connections to reading in order for learning to be meaningful.
One of the first things we learn in Reading Block is the READING PROCESS: What to do Before Reading, During Reading ,and After Reading.  We will read a variety of genres such as realistic fiction, expository nonfiction, autobiography, and drama. I also integrate other subjects into Reading.


A. Set a Purpose
Students first look inside themselves to find a reason for reading a selection.

B. Preview
Next, students look through the selection, checking key parts to learn what to expect.

C. Plan
Finally, students learn how to decide upon a reading strategy that will best help achieve the reading purpose.


D. Read with a Purpose
Next, students read the selection carefully and thoroughly, applying the reading strategy to help them achieve their reading purpose. As part of this step, students also look at how the reading is organized.

E. Connect
Students make a connection with what they read by responding personally to the selection and relating it to their own experience.


F. Pause and Reflect
Then, immediately after reading, students pause, reflect, and look back to see whether they have found information that fits the reading purpose.

G. Reread
To improve their understanding of the reading, students reread to find information missed the first time through.

H. Remember
Students then make the reading their own by writing or doing something with the material they have read.


Good Readers Make Connections
(T-T) Text to Text
(T-S) Text to Self
(T-M) To to Media
(T-W) Text to World

We will also learn skills such as cause and effect, sequence, and text structure. Each week we will learn reading skill, terms, and strategies

. Here are a few great reading resources that shows the various skills we will be learning this year:
genretext structure