Heatley, Jennifer (Second Grade)
butterfliesTeacher: Mrs. Jennifer Heatley
Assistant:  Miss Mural Vann

Carver Elementary is a school that provides each child an opportunity to learn, grow and develop in a safe, caring environment.  We are happy to be part of this school.  We are looking forward to the upcoming school year.  Our goal for this year is to help each child reach his or her learning potential.  I plan to include small group teaching, focused instruction, and one-on-one teaching.  We have a variety of hands-on activities in language arts, math, science, writing, art, and social studies that will engage the children and enable them to create their own knowledge. 
We look forward to getting to know all the students and families.  We encourage all of our families to participate in the school experience.  Drop by anytime, we can't wait to see you. 
Mrs. Jennifer Heatley and Miss Vann