Behavior Policy

let's communicatePositive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS)


In order to ensure that your child will receive a quality education, I will utilize a program called Positive Behavior Intervention Support. The goal of the program is to provide a safe, positive learning environment, which provides cooperation, creativity and academic success.  All students will be active participants in the educational process in order to achieve their full potential.  This program requires the teacher to set and explain expectations to the students, provides learning choices, positive and negative consequences to the students, and offers a refocus area in which a child may reflect.  In the event that your child is unable to follow the classroom expectations, his/her smiley face will be Xed out on the homework packet. This will let you know that your child was unable to follow expectations.   A classroom tracking system will help monitor student behavior throughout the day.  Please sign the note on the homework packet and return it the following day. 


Classroom Expectations

1.     Be in your assigned seat/area and ready to work.

2.     Have paper, pencils, books and all needed materials every day.

3.     HFBO—Keep hands, feet, books, and objects to yourself.

4.     No cruel teasing, put downs, rude gestures, or profanity.

5.     Follow the directions of any adult working at this school. 


Learning Choices

Students can choose through their behavior where they are going to do their learning:

1.     With the class, seated with classmates

2.     Away from the other learners, not seated with them, but facing the teacher so learning can still continue

3.     Not in the classroom


Positive Learning Incentives

1.     Learning from a unique location

2.     Receive positive consequence rewards such as stickers, verbal praise, notes home, special seat, and/or treats.


Negative Learning Incentives

1.     Class expectation reminder

2.     Change of environment= Refocus Area

a.     A place where students can choose to go when they need some private moments to reflect and refocus.

b.    A place where the teacher sends student who refuse to redirect back to learning and/or are keeping others from doing the same. 

3.     Parent contact

4.   Office referral


Tracking Student Progress throughout the Day

Throughout the day your child will receive tally marks for following expectations.  Your child must earn 10 tally marks per day in order to receive his or her smiley face at the end of the day.  If your child’s smiley face is Xed out, please talk with your child about following expectations.  Below you will find an example of how tally marks can be earned. 


Standing respectfully during the pledge of allegiance = 1 tally mark

On task for morning work/meeting = 1 tally mark

Turning in homework = 1 tally mark

On task for reading lesson = 3 tally marks

On task for math lesson = 3 tally marks

On task for science lesson= 1 tally mark

On task for social studies lesson= 1 tally mark

Following expectations at Lunch= 1 tally mark

Following expectations in the Hallway= 1 tally mark

Following expectations at the Bathroom= 1tally mark

Following expectations on the Playground= 1 tally mark