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Name: Michelle Holland
Email Address:
Phone number:
 school #:  919-658-7330  919-658-7330
    home#:  919-689-3653  919-689-3653
       cell#:  919-920-9523  919-920-9523

Parent Tips:
   * Make sure that you read your child's frog folder.  It has all the information you need to know about our classroom. It includes a newsletter that lets you know everything that we are studying in class, our specials for the week (art, music, etc.), homework for the week, tiger news, and any special things that are needed or that are happening in our class.
  *Read with your student every night for 20 minutes! This is very important and helpful for your child.
  *Help your child establish good homework habits.  Make sure they sit at a table each night and do the homework assignment that is in their agendas. This will help build independence and good study habits.

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