Moore, Hannah (Music)
notes on staff
Hello Parents and friends,
Welcome to the Music Department at Carver Elementary school. 
 Our students are taught the basic concepts of music: rhythm, dynamics, notation, tempo, form, and much more. We correlate, when possible, with the core subjects of math, social studies, and geography in a fun way. All students are involved in  movement, dance, and playing percussion instruments during the school year.
Fourth  graders are learning to play the flute-like instrument called the recorder. They also have the opportunity to be selected to participate in the county sponsored spring choral festival.
All grade levels are invited to audition to perform in the annual Wayne County Fair Talent Contest. One grade level is selected to perform in the annual Wayne County Choral Showcase during the Christmas season and to perform a Christmas musical/concert at Carver. A different grade level is chosen each year to perform at a Spring Musical/Concert at Carver! :-)
Feel free to call me at the school if you have any questions or concerns.
Hannah Moore
Music Teacher
919-658-7330 ext. 1828