Weekly Homework
After a good friend of mine shared an interesting text with me this summer, I decided to change up my homework policy for the 2016-17 school year! The subject of the text was the homework policy of a fellow teacher, and I was immediately SOLD on her idea! Homework will consist of:
*Work that your child has not finished during the school day:   This work will need to be completed by your child, signed, and returned to   school the next day, in your child’s binder.

 *Signed and reviewed Weekly Progress Report packet:   Each Monday, there will be a Progress Report Packet in your child’s binder.  The  packet will include tests/quizzes/assessment assignments that your child completed the previous week.  Please review this packet with your child, sign,  and return this packet in your child’s binder. 
*READING TOGETHER EVERY NIGHT!!!!!!!!  Your child will be bringing home a “Reading Pouch” each day.  There will be a variety of books in this pouch that will correlate with what we are studying, as well as, leveled readers.  The leveled  readers will be based on your child’s current TRC level.  PLEASE HAVE THEM READ ONE OF THE BOOKS IN THE BOOK POUCH EACH NIGHT, AND RECORD THE TITLE OF THE BOOK ON THEIR READING LOG!
If you choose to read a library book as well, that's awesome! Record that too!  
There will also be a list of leveled questions in the pouch, that your child needs to be familiar with answering. Talk to your child about a book  they have chosen to read to you, and have them verbally answer a few of these questions! If you want your child to have more practice, they may practice writing the answers, to a few of the questions, in complete sentences. These questions are similar to the ones that they will see when they are being assessed, so it’s GREAT  practice!

*Weekly spelling words and a spelling choice board will be in your child's folder.  This is for you to be aware of the spelling pattern that your child will be working on for the week.  You may have child complete a spelling activity from the choice board, if you feel that they need extra practice. This is not required.
*Talking to your kid about their day and yours!
*Playing outside!
So…………there will be no “formal” homework assignments. Although, there may be a few fun, interactive activities worked in here and there, so please make sure to check your child’s binder EACH NIGHT!
I will include the spelling words on the weekly Newsletter so that you can be aware of what spelling pattern we are focusing on for the week.  There will also be a “Spelling Choice Board” for you to use as a resource, if you choose to work with your child on their weekly words.  This will not be anything that you HAVE to complete and turn in! 
We are looking forward to an AMAZING year, and will be working VERY hard EVERYDAY, to make this a MEMORABLE year for your child!
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to stop by, or you can contact me by phone, email, or note.
Thanks so much!