Facts About Mrs. Paige
About Me:   I love my dogs. I have 2 dogs. The oldest one is Lucy. She is black lab. Jorja is a lab / Australian Shepherd mix. This picture is Chelsea waiting to see if we will come out to play. She passed away in July and I am still sad. I have two inside cats, Darryl and his mom, Meme. They love to chase each other right at my bedtime. Yes, Darryl has a brother named Darryl also. I love to travel and plan to got to Germany this coming summer to see my relatives. 
My Education: In 1976 I graduated from Western Carolina University with a BS in Early Childhood Education and certified Reading 1-12. My son now attends Western and is a Mechanical Engineering student. I obtained my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction in 1995 from Heidelberg University in Germany. In 2001 I became a National Board Certified teacher. November 2010 I renewed my certification.
Current Curriculum: Our mornings begin with reading literacy stations. An important part of our class reading program is AR. I believe that reading each day and being held accountable will make students become better readers. This program offers a means to track improvement and success.  We are starting our second year with math rotations to meet the needs of individual students. Math is part of our daily lives and must become automatic. Please study your multiplication facts ( it will make fourth grade easier:)  All students in my class will be expected to write in cursive by the middle of the year and to participate in the Carver Science Fair in January.  Thank you to all parents who help make education a great success.