FANTASTIC 4th Grade Curriculum
Fourth Grade Syllabus
Carver Elementary 


The goal of fourth grade is to help prepare your child for a life of increasing independence and responsibility. This goal will be met through the teaching of Core Curriculum subjects (English language arts and mathematics) and Essential Standards (science and social studies). This will ultimately prepare students for EOG tests in reading and math and make for an easier transition into 5th grade and middle school.
PBIS will continue to be used throughout the school this year to reinforce good character and positive behavior both in school and on the bus.
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Writing skills will be addressed throughout the school year in ALL subject areas. State Common Exams already include sections for written responses and Reading Exams will soon follow. Students will keep a writing portfolio at school as required by WCPS. Examples of student work and scores will be maintained in the portfolio through the year.


Fourth grade students will be assessed in WCPS reading, math, and science each nine weeks in addition to regular classroom assessments. Teachers will administer  WCPS benchmark tests online for math, reading and science. In May, students will take the End-of-Grade standardized tests
for reading and math. Science and
social studies will be assessed through State issued Common Exams.




Fourth Grade will utilize
the WCPS grading system as follows:

Teachers will communicate to students when assignments are due, to be taken for a grade, and will prepare them in advance for assignments. Progress reports will be sent home each nine weeks. Students that are having difficulties will be given multiple opportunities to  be successful. Parents will be able to check their child's progress online as well using Powersource. (More information to come on Powersource.)
Personalized Education Plans (PEP)
are developed to meet the needs of students that are not performing on grade level and are at risk. Teachers will send home notices when it is time to meet.
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Fourth grade teachers are available for scheduled conferences. These times may be in the mornings, afternoons, or at other times during the school day depending on the individual teacher's schedule. Feel free to contact your child's teacher through notes in student agendas, emails, or by phone


Many activities are scheduled throughout the school year for fourth grade students. At least one field trip, if not more, will be taken during the year. Field trips in fourth grade will focus on science and social studies standards.